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Great Phones for Those Who Are Hard on Their Tech

Are you tired of walking around with a cracked screen or constantly having to get cracked screen repair work done? Titanium housings can’t protect a poor-quality screen, even from a single fall and no matter how careful you are, dropping your phone is just something that happens. It happens to everyone. Sometimes that means a shattered screen, and sometimes that means a few scratches on the housing. It all depends on what kind of phone you have.


2013's Hottest Black Friday Mobile Events

This year's best Black Friday deals from all of your favorite mobile retailers.

Every single year, the top of our holiday wish list is always crammed full of the latest and greatest tech gadgets of the moment. Whether it's the newest cell phone from our mobile retailer, an impressive tablet for reading or mobile games, or even the hottest new mobile accessories for the gadgets we already have, you can bet that our wish list for Santa is nothing but tech.


Holiday Gift Ideas For The Mobile Enthusiast On Your List

Here are our must-buy holiday gift ideas for your tech-savvy friends.

Now that the month of November is coming to a close (boy, that was fast!), it is almost time to begin making our holiday gift lists for our friends and family members. Whether you are buying carefully researched, personalized gifts for every single person on your list, or you are doing a Secret Santa exchange and just nee dot find the perfect gift for one person, tech and mobile accessories always make a fantastic gift!


4 Must Have Mobile Apps For The Holiday Season

Make sure that you download these must-have apps to get through the holidays.

The holiday season is a favorite for many. The days off of work and school allow you to get together with long-lost friends and family that you haven't seen in months, you get to enjoy delicious holiday dinners of turkey, stuffing, holiday ham and cookies galore, and it's the season of giving and getting gifts―what could be better.


Mobile FAQs: What Should You Do With You Old Cell Phones?

When upgrading to a new cell phone, don't forget to say goodbye to your old one!

Cell phones have come a long way since they were first introduced. You seem them when you watch old, classic 80's movies―huge grey chunks of plastic that look more like door stoppers than they do cell phones. From their came brick phones, flip phones, razors and palm pilots, until we finally landed at the much loved smart phone.


Tech Reviews: An Overview of the HTC One Smartphone

Looking into the pros and cons of the latest and greatest HTC mobile phone.

While Apple enthusiasts across the world have always looked to the iPhone as the most sleek, modern and ultra-classy phone on the market, Android aficionados have had their own smooth, shiny classic mobile devices to drool over from HTC.


Mobile FAQs: What Causes Your Cell Phone Screen To Shatter?

Taking a closer look at why your cell phone screen shatters when you drop it.

We've all been there before―you are walking along the street with your cell phone in hand, just going about your day without a care in the world, when all of a sudden your hand slips or you trip over a crack and your pristine, smooth, expensive phone goes hurtling towards the cement below.