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iPhone 5 Release comes one step closer: iPhone 4 Repair prices drop


According to a new report released Wednesday by DigiTimes, Pegatron will start shipping the new iPhone 5 handset to Apple in September. According to industry sources quoted in the report, Pegatron will move up to become the secondary original design manufacturer (or ‘ODM’) for the iPhone, with orders totaling 10 million units of Apple’s fifth-generation handset.

iPhone 5 Repair coming soon

iPhone 5 Repair coming soon

Other sources quoted in the report stated that Pegatron is moving to try to earn more work from Apple. Since Pegatron’s margins on iPhone handsets are “relatively small”, the company has retooled factories and trained up staff to try to earn some of Apple’s iPad and MacBook manufacturing business. The report indicates that Foxconn has worked with Apple to ensure that their relationship is strong and that the orders for Apple’s wildly selling iPhone and iPad models continue to come to Foxconn as the primary manufacturer.

Just a few weeks ago, DigiTimes released a report claiming that Pegatron had received an order from Apple for up to 15 million units of the iPhone 5. The most recent report reduced that number from 15 to 10 million handsets, which some may recall was the figure claimed by reports back in late January. As Pegatron is a very experienced manufacturing partner and has worked with major volumes in the past, hitting this 10 million mark likely won’t present too much of a challenge.

As we move closer to the expected launch and release date of iPhone 5, rumors and speculation abound about when the handset will actually end up in the hands of consumers. At Dr. Cell Phone the trend in iPhone 4 repairs has slightly gone up, people want to get iphone 5 and get the existing phone fixed in the meantime. As always whenever newer models come out, the older ones prices go down and so is the case with repair services. iphone 4 cracked screen replacement went down from $149.99 to $124.99. "This is the best time to get your iphone 4's and iphone 3gs fixed" Says the lead tech at Dr. Cell Phone. He adds, "As there is a little bit of time before the new iphone 5 comes out, you could save some money by getting your phone fixed now and not buying a new device which would be obsolete in few days."

We will keep you posted on news regarding iphone 5. We are expecting to do a "Take iphone 5 apart" guide with a video tutorial for all the iphone enthusiasts out there. Stay tuned.