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"Bricked" HTC G1 Repair Solution at Dr. Cell Phone


I’ve noticed a lot of questions about people with bricked G1’s. The only problem is some people are saying that they’re getting stuck in boot loader. First of all let me tell you from experience. If you can even get to boot loader that means that your G1 is not bricked. It’s just frozen. Anytime your G1 is able to access anything its still salvageable. For anyone in this situation I suggest retracing your steps before you think you bricked and possibly loading another custom rom. Realize that if you decide to root your G1 in the first place, you’re taking a huge risk. These smart phones are nothing more than mini computers and just like a computer you can crash it. Unfortunately you can’t wipe the motherboard of a bricked G1.

HTC G1 UNBrick Unlock and Hardware Repairs at Dr. Cell Phone

HTC G1 UNBrick Unlock and Hardware Repairs at Dr. Cell Phone

Not to mention that these forums are so sketchy in their description of how you’re supposed to go about uploading custom ROMs and radios to you G1. If you’re not careful you’ll upload the wrong radio for your phone and you will defiantly end up with a, “Bricked G1.” By the way. To clarify; A bricked G1 is a G1 that is stuck on a particular screen. No matter how many times you take the battery out and put it back in, the same screen will come up. Even if you try to turn on the G1 in recovery mode, it will still pull up the same screen. So the term is true to the description. Something that’s only good for a paper weight. Someone may as well start collecting all the bricked G1’s, some mortar and build a house for the third little pig. Unless Google knows how to fix them which they won’t do because you voided your warranty when you rooted the phone in the first place before it bricked.

The only hope for someone in this situation is to trust the expert Repair and Software professionals at Dr. Cell Phone, who can try to "UnBrick"  your "Bricked"G1 or bring it back to life. However we can not guarantee of it bringing back to life as it depends on how bad you screwed up your phone. Dr. Cell Phone Repair professionals can definitely give it a try and so far they had over 80% success with all those bricked G1 came in for repair.


How much does it cost to "unbrick" an HTC G1? I live in Canada but I can send the phone my mail.

Sure go ahead and send in your phone, before sending in the phone make sure you fill out the mail-in form and include all your contact information. The repair estimate would be provided by one of our associates after a basic diagnostic.

I live in the UK
is there a way i can mail you my phone?

Can you send me approx cost for thecommon unbricking for SPL related problems?

Also where are you located, for shipping reasons

- Hardik

All our contact information is on the contact tab on the top right hand corner. For exact repair estimate, please call us at 1-877-349-7297.

Hi, I live outside US, so shipping or sending phone will be a long process for me, also dont have access to International calling. So can u please mail me estimate for JTag method flashingof SPL. My mail id is

hi, what about me in Iran?
What can I do for my G1?
Could you fix it? It's bricked by Haykuro's SPL.
Now what should I do?

We do offer repair solutions for international customers. You can send in your phone for repair and we will take care of it. Make sure you pack it in bubble wrap and insure it.