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Solution to HTC EVO 4G Issues with USB Charging : Dr. Cell Phone


The HTC EVO 4G issues have risen as some of the HTC EVO 4G users have reported about the HTC EVO 4G problems with the USB charging through the MicroUSB port. The HTC EVO 4G issues with the charger are quite serious as the phone does not get charged with the charger. Any mobile phone with no charge in it is worth nothing and the similar effect occurs to the HTC EVO 4G, since the HTC EVO 4G is facing problems with the charging.

Sprint EVO 4G Screen & Charging port Repair at Dr. Cell Phone

Sprint EVO 4G Screen & Charging port Repair at Dr. Cell Phone

Users who have purchased the HTC EVO 4G from the Sprint store got their devices replaced. Also a HTC spokesperson responded to the issue stating that the HTC EVO 4G problem is minor and the number of HTC EVO 4G reported are less.

The HTC EVO 4G problems will be covered under the one year warranty as long as the damage isn’t caused due to the customer misuse. Stay tuned for more updates on the HTC EVO 4G and the HTC EVO 4G problems with USB charging.

For people who do not have any warranty plan with spring Dr. Cell Phone provides out of warranty fast repair service for HTC EVO 4G, we can replace the charging port on your EVO 4G in about 30 mins and get you back on track. Dr. Cell Phone also provides other repair services for HTC EVO 4G such as Cracked Screen or Broken Glass replacement, LCD Replacement, Ear speaker or Mic replacement and more.


I have a evo 4 thur sprint....i have had a really loose port for a long,time, still charges

What is the basic run of the mill price to fix this


I live in jefferson city mo. Usa


cost of htc evo 4g charge port repair? i have the new part if that will reduce price?

It Certainly will !

I bought mine brand new and a hour later the charger port broke, how much would it cost to fix it?

Sorry...for the previous post...i thought I was emailing dr cell privatly