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Samsung and Their Fun Smartphone Names


Samsung finally stopped following Research in Motion (Blackberry) and Apple (iPhone 3G) and has decided to go in a different direction.

Dr. Cell Phone provides repairs for the iPhone 3G and Blackberry Storm!

Dr. Cell Phone provides repairs for the iPhone 3G and Blackberry Storm!

Instead of emphasizing software and third party applications, Samsung has focused primarily on hardware. Samsung is expected to release more than 20 smartphones this year alone! Samsung is doing this because they would like to expand their presence in the market.

The strategy is paying off. According to Business Week, “In the first three months of this year, Samsung was the No. 1 handset brand in North America with a market share of 26.3%, vs. Motorola's 18% and Nokia's 7.9%.â€

Here at Dr. Cell Phone, we applaud Samsung’s strategy. We love to see competition in the cell phone market. Because in the end, the consumer ALWAYS benefits from competition. However, the best part about Samsung are the names of all their smartphones. Seriously. I’m pretty sure Samsung got a group of 15 teenagers together and told them to brainstorm a list of words that sound cool.

Here’s a look at some of the Samsung Smart Phone Models (and their names):

Samsung Eternity
Samsung Behold
Samsung Instinct
Samsung Saga
Samsung Omnia
Samsung Jet
Samsung Charcoal
Samsung Gravity
Samsung Comeback
Samsung Highlight
Samsung Memoir
Samsung Epix
Samsung Ace
Samsung Galaxy
Samsung Magnet

Dr. Cell Phone repairs ALL Samsung Models

Dr. Cell Phone repairs ALL Samsung Models

Pretty sure I got all of them. But if I’m missing some, it’s probably because Samsung released another smartphone right…now.

Remember, Dr. Cell Phone provides repairs for any and all Samsung models!


I've always been a Samsung chick!

I'm a recent Omnia (910) user on Verizon who was very disappointed with Windows Mobile 6.1 and Samsung's shell. Wound up getting SPB Mobile Shell to acquire a usable interface and had to abandon Exchange email due to protection restrictions. In essence anytime you tried to location or receive a call, you had to enter your PIN and I was missing calls as a result. Finally decided to abandon smartphones for that time becoming (economic explanations) and wait for a superb Android system. The Galaxy S (Facinate) need to fit the bill. Disappointed to hear with the GPS issues. Let me add that Verizon's 3G assistance was superb through and I eventually stopped applying WiFi because V3G was a lot rapid enough for me.Interestingly, I'm applying the Omnia being a wireless product close to the residence for checking electronic mail, Twitter, Facebook and easy browsing. But not as being a cell phone!

Hey just about every one particular i was a blackberry fan for years n when tmo was because of relaese the memoir i jumped on it cuz i jus did an upgrade of my curve towards the new design and was owning all varieties of troubles using the 8900 we have to say i have been in luv with this cell phone actually since in no way heading back to some blackberry i've mastered jus about all the basic along with other common element of this device and now i want to study about adding apps i jus downloaded tkfiler thingy and i wanna kno mre anyways thanxs for owning me

Good information. Currently I just got a Samsung Omnia SCH-i910 in the mail from ebay, and it at this time looks that it is at stock settings to the Verizon Network. I program to utilize this telephone on Metro PCS. I also desire to place Windows Mobile 6.five on right here, but I'm not sure which purchase I need to do this in. Really should I acquire it to Metro PCS as is and have it activated, after which it afterwards flash the ROM with 6.five? Or really should I modify the ROM 1st after which acquire it to Metro PCS? I've been seeking all-around and I'm unable to locate the response to this.