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  • My phone won't charged, I try to fix at home from some YouTube video and it just made it worse, went to dr cellphone, gave this guy to look at my phone, went for 5 minutes to get a chipotle take away, came back and the phone works well! How much? Nothing! Great and professional service!
    Amit O.
  • I went to Dr Cell Phone on July 12th. I finally decided to change my flip phone to an Iphone. The sim card on my flip phone was too large. Drew was able to trim flip phone sim card and put into Iphone to load my contacts.... I love love Drew... He was friendly, polite and very helpful. I'm glad I didn't have to manually add 202 contacts to my new phone.
    Cara M.
  • Took my iPad 3 in because it stopped turning on, and Apple said there was nothing they could do. Dr. Cell was able to get the iPad working again. It was rather costly ($150) but far less than Apple wanted to charge to replace it ($399). It took a week, but it was worth it. Well done, I would recommend and use them again.
    Victor L.
  • Busted my iphone glass, nothing new to me but this repair shop is amazing! It was completed before the quoted time. Thoroughly went through all aspects of phone functions to ensure the quality of the repair. He was super friendly, costumer service was A+
    Brett R.
  • Had a Groupon for an iPhone 5S repair. Super friendly, extremely fast and efficient. Seriously fast. When he brought out my phone I was sure it wasn't possible for them to have finished so quickly. Told me 30 minutes but only took about 20. Didn't get that sketchy feeling you usually get from these kind of places.
    Belinda E.